Calcium Carbonate or Calcite Powder has an important role in the modern industrial economy due to its versatility and traceability. We at Radhika Minerals offer premium quality calcite powder or Calcium Carbonate derived from various sources in India. We offer calcite powder available in a wide range of micron sizes with chemical purity, outstanding brightness and controlled particle size distribution. We have firmly positioned us as one of the major calcite powder exporter and supplier based in India. Our calcite powder used in various types of polymers and plastics applications. Our micronized calcite powder is used as functional filler in PP, HDPE, LDPE, ABS and other polymer based compounds and as extender in paints and enamel industries.


  • PP master batches, Automotive and Furniture compounds
  • Paints Industry
  • LDPE master batches
  • Rigid PVC Pipes
  • Leather Cloth Industry
  • Paints, Inks, Powder Coating and Ceramic Industry
  • Rubber Industry
  • As a flux in Glass Industry



Mesh 500 Mesh 600 Mesh 700 Mesh
Whiteness 93-97 93-97 93-97
Brightness Milky White -97% Milky White -97% Milky White -97%
CaCo3 91.80 % 91.80 % 91.80 %
MgCo3% 5.25 % 5.25 % 5.25 %