Radhika Minerals is having a vast industry experience for supply and export of the fine quality Plaster of Paris and other mineral products. Our Plaster of Paris is highly acknowledged among its users for its perfect mix of quality and high reliability with excellent results, strong hold, easy application, long service life and smooth finish. We make it available for extensively used in architecture, art, medicine, fire protection, etc.


  • In architecture
  • In art
  • In medicine
  • In fire protection
  • In Industry
  • Gypsum Board
  • A binder in fast-dry
  • As alabaster
  • A wood substitute
  • Impression plasters in dentistry
  • Manufacturing Dustless Chalk.


  • 20Kg HDPE Bags
  • 25Kg HDPE Bags
  • Customize Packaging


Physical properties   SiO2
Whiteness 80-95 Al2O3
Consistancy   TiO2
Firing withstand temp 120°C Fe2O3
Color Pure White, White, Creamish White MgO
Initial setting Time   CaO
Ph (OF 10% Solution) 6 to 8 K2O
Residue (325#) Calibrated Sieve < 2 % Na2O
Wet To Dry Shrinkage 3-4 LOI
Final setting time 30 to 45 min  
M.O.R (Kg/Cm2) 45 – 60  
B.D. 0.5-0.6 gm/cc