Red Ocher is one of the principal ore of Iron offer termed as Natural Red Oxide due to its higher content of Iron Oxide. It is obtained from iron or ferruginous in impure form.  Our Red Ocher comes with higher percentage of Iron Oxide and Alumina Oxide. In addition to being the principal ore of iron, Red ocher Powder is a constituent of a number of abrasives and pigments.


SiO2   20 % max
Al2O3   25-30 %
Fe2O3   28-32 %
R2O3   55-60%


  • Cement Industry
  • Paints & Surface Coatings
  • Paper Industry
  • Plastic & Rubber Industry
  • Tiles & Ceramic Industry


  • 20Kg HDPE Bags
  • It is also supply in loose form.